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DIMSCALE was established in 2010, initially directed to the provision of Quantity Surveying services for Architecture offices. In 2012, we created the innovative concept of Architecture Cost Management® as a way to give an integrated response to the needs of Real Estate promoters, property developers, investment funds regarding the cost management of projects. We have also sought, with this concept, to enhance the team’s expertise concerning its acquaintance with the conceptual, technical and management scopes of the project. Since the creation of this concept we have been participating in several national and international projects as cost managers. The new approach that the concept of Architecture Cost Management® has brought to project management market management has allowed us to affirm ourselves as the leading company in this area. We want to continue to evolve and to contribute more and more to the statement of cost management as an important area for the sustainability of projects.

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The cost of a Real Estate project is such an important variable that we decided to create a concept exclusively dedicated to its management.

Architecture Cost Management® (Arch Cost Mgmt®) is a concept focused on the cost management of Real Estate projects. Brings together three areas that don’t usually work together: Architecture, Construction and Economy, originating an architectural, constructive and economical view of the project. The concept of Arch Cost Mgmt® is integrated in the project from the early stages of investment analysis until, if required, the completion of the construction phases. 

This concept was developed to safeguard the interests of Real Estate developers and investors, investment funds and project owners. Brings advantages by reducing the capital invested in the projects, increasing the return of investment, making the costs predictable and reducing by this way the risk of budget overruns and also by reconciling the costs with the other goals of the project, namely with respect to its concept, image and final quality.

Architecture Cost Management® is also directed to Architecture offices, presenting as most significant assets the balance between the cost and the safeguard of the project’s concept, image and final quality. It also provides all technical and conceptual know-how for the technical consultancy and project review, thus adding value to the project in terms of its technical consistency.

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After another year of growth and some changes in the communication department, DIMSCALE is now entering a new phase with a new communication approach. In this new cycle, we want


ARCHITECT IN YOUR HOME has just celebrated a protocol with DIMSCALE for the cost management of projects worked together. ARCHITECT IN YOUR HOME is a new form of architecture, which

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One year ago we were presenting Architecture Cost Management® in an official event held at Fundação Oriente in Lisbon. This year that just passed by represented an effective evolution for us

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Last week it was presented the work carried out by Lisbon Business Connections team during this year. Seven work groups presented their work in an event organized by Invest Lisboa,

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Today DIMSCALE presents an article on ArchDaily on why cost management works better with architects in charge. We thank ArchDaily for this collaboration, and also our partners Atelier Central Arquitectos

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Our daily cost management consulting work is completely based on Architecture. We always seek to safeguard the conceptual side of the project, balancing it with its financial and technical performance

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  • “Since DIMSCALE is a specialized team with comprehensive and updated databases of rates and prices, it has allowed us to give our client budgets with insignificant deviations from the market reality, which eventually convey a huge confidence within our team.”


    Arch. José MartinezAtelier Central Arquitectos
  • “In the context of IB-S project for Minho University, the first quantity surveys have arrived to the studio, at the same time with an updated estimated cost for the construction works. As for its accuracy, the product we acquired seems to be impeccable.”


    Arch. Cláudio VilarinhoCláudio Vilarinho - Arquitectura e Design
  • “DIMSCALE is a constant presence in the everyday work of the studio and Open Working Days, and their skills in technical issues related to cost control are essential for the viability of this practice model of social rehabilitation.”


    Arch. José PaixãoArrebita!Porto



COST EVALUATIONclick here to know more

Already have everything you need to start a project but still don’t know how much it could actually cost?

QUANTITY SURVEYINGclick here to know more

Need to turn your Architecture project into numbers and make a list of everything you will need for its implementation?

PROJECT REVISIONclick here to know more

Need a team with the necessary know-how to provide technical consultancy and project review and thus increase the predictability of the whole process?

COST OPTIMIZATIONclick here to know more

Want to optimize the costs of your project and keep, at the same time, its original concept, image and final quality?

PROCUREMENTclick here to know more

Need a team that knows the market and can negotiate the best conditions for the supply of goods and necessary works?




Through the concept of Architecture Cost Management® is achieved a reduction in the capital to invest in each project, by optimizing the architecture design (together with the design team) and the constructive solutions to be used.


All the optimization work is preceded by a quantification and comprehensive review of the project, which minimizes the likelihood of unforeseen problems in the later stages, especially in terms of missing information, inconsistencies and unnecessary works.


The concept of Architecture Cost Management® is premised upon the optimization of costs and upon the concern to safeguard the concept, image and final quality of the project; in this way one seeks for solutions that ensure a balance between these two aspects.


The optimization and foreseeability of the project’s costs, as well as getting a project that is consistent with the defined concept, image and quality, helps to increase the profitability of the project in the medium and long terms.


L’Oreal headquarters, Lisbon
L’Oreal Academy, Lisbon
Casa Verde, Sao Tome and Principe
Macaco Resort, Sao Tome and Principe +
Custódio Soyo BAI bank agency, Angola
BMW/MINI dealership and automotive workshops, Portugal
AUDI Feijó dealership adaptation, Portugal
Housing in Birre, Portugal
Loulé IKEA store, Portugal
Cascais Shopping Center reshuffle, Portugal
Alegro Famalicão Shopping Center, Portugal
Lisbon Airport – boarding gates expansion, Portugal
Housing in Estoril Av. Biarritz, Portugal
Gualtar Campus, Portugal
Sundy Beach Resort Procurement phase, Sao Tome and Principe +
Luanda Business Incubator, Angola
Loulé IKEA store, Portugal
Malange Youth Home, Angola
PIC stores in Luanda, Angola
DAH Hotel extension, Lisbon
BCA bank agencies, Angola
Tourist Information Office, Lisbon
G-Force headquarters Building, Angola
Multi-brand automotive facilities in VN Gaia, Portugal
MINI Bomcar dealership, Portugal
Macaco Resort, Sao Tome and Principe +
IMS housing, Angola
Coimbra Auto Industrial II, Portugal
Auchan Shopping Center in Sintra, Portugal
BNI bank agencies, Angola
IMS housing, Angola
HBD headquarters, Sao Tome and Principe
YETU headquarters, Angola
YETU bank agencies, Angola
Casa Acreditar in Porto, Portugal
Sundy Beach Resort, Sao Tome and Principe +
Macaco Resort, Sao Tome and Principe +
Sundy Beach Resort, Sao Tome and Principe
ASGM Luanda, Angola
APPI Child Daycare facilities, Portugal
Lusitania headquarters, Portugal
Lighthouse – Terminal LX II, Lisbon +
BMWi City Sales Outlet, Lisbon +
IMS housing, Angola
BAI agencies, Angola
Arraiolos3 Hotel, Portugal
ZNF Industrial Pavillion, Portugal
Maianga Clinic, Angola
Tróia housing, Portugal
Accenture headquarters in Luanda, Angola
BNI agency in Alvalade, Angola
Citroen Setúbal dealership, Portugal +
Orey agency, Angola
Coimbra Auto Industrial I, Portugal
Miramar housing, Angola
Oran Showroom, Algeria
AUDI Feijó dealership, Portugal
Espaço Amoreiras offices, Lisbon
LX Boutique Hotel extension, Lisbon
Malange Public Order administration facilities, Angola
Oriente multipurpose buildings, Lisbon
Av. Liberdade 227, Lisbon
Apartment in Rua do Alecrim, Lisbon +
IB-S (Engineering Research Institute), Portugal +
DR DREM Clinic, Portugal +
Autoindustrial Caldas da Rainha automotive facilites, Portugal
Quinta da Bicuda urbanization, Portugal
Katombo Clinic in Luanda, Angola
Egypt Ambassador residency, Lisbon
Lighthouse – integrated facilities, Lisbon +
Lisbon Airport Busgate South, Lisbon
Oeiras Parque Shopping Center extension, Portugal
BAI agencies, Angola
Herdade da Comporta L7 allotment, Portugal
UNITEL modular stores, Angola
BU headquarters, Mozambique
Benfica Hotel in Luanda, Angola
Espaço Amoreiras Building 7, Lisbon
Luanda Airport Air Two Hangar, Angola

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